The Birth of “The Stowaways” : complete. Motivation: multiplied.


I’ve finally launched my first book in my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia, so I think this now makes it official – I’m an author. Ooh, I still get all bashful when I say that. I’m beginning to understand that it’s a slow process, mentally switching from unpublished to published author.

But if there is anything that can cement the concept of being ‘published’ in one’s head, it is 100 people showing up for the book launch, and lining up to have them signed. I was bowled over by the turnout – old friends I hadn’t seen for ages, new ones I’d just made, co-workers, friends of friends and children and husbands of friends. I was not expecting that! I can only liken it to a wedding, but instead of a marriage ceremony, there was a reading of fiction about a family of audacious mice (so different? Maybe not).

My mother likened my debut book launch to the birth of a grandchild for her, to which I quickly replied: “I hope this book lasts longer than a human being.” It may not have been the most sensitive response, comparing the joy of a grandchild to the legacy of a ‘classic’ children’s novel (as it is so categorized in the big box bookstores), but she nonetheless laughed, considered it graciously, and gave me a long, warm hug.

Now I don’t know if The Stowaways will last past 2014, but if it makes my mother feel like she has a grandchild who will spread our family spirit long past her time, then I will do everything in my power to make that happen. That is some serious motivation!

2 thoughts on “The Birth of “The Stowaways” : complete. Motivation: multiplied.

    • Sandra, this made my day! Thanks so much for sharing this with me. If you’re on twitter, please direct message me @MegMarentette or message me on facebook (Meghan Marentette) with an address I can send your son a postcard to. Happy holidays šŸ™‚


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