10 ways I like to procrastinate (proving I’m a writer)

It’s no big secret that writers find it hard to get in the mode of writing sometimes. For me, it takes a couple of hours to get going. There’s a process I seem to follow, every single day. I’m not sure what it’s all about, but I’m sure it will be addressed eventually in #9!

So – my favourite ways to procrastinate are:

1. by writing this blog, which I tell myself is important for my “online presence”. I guess you’re reading this – so mission accomplished!! Mwah ha ha… wait a sec, are you procrastinating, too? Sorry. At least we’re in this together…

2. by cleaning the condensation off my wintery windows so I can study the wildlife, which I am meant to be writing anthropomorphized fiction about

3. by emailing all my writerly friends about how hard it is to write the “dreaded second book” (and then making them procrastinate, too, by writing me back and commiserating)

4. by writing self-important emails to the mayor about my unploughed road (meaning I can’t leave my house and procrastinate even more, which technically should be a good thing)

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5. twitter. need I say more? 140 characters is SO MUCH EASIER to write than 1,000 daily words.

6. by being crafty, i.e. binding blank books with pretty paper rather than writing in them

7. by writing lists of things I have to write

8. by writing lists of lists I have to write

9. by writing in my eight different journals about how hard it is to write, from eight different psychological perspectives, which are very very important to understand or else I won’t be able to write (Oh, irony, how I love thee)

10. and the all-time classic (drum roll, please…) — clicking Review – Word Count after every sentence I actually do write, however short

Notice how all these procrastinations still add up to thousands of words each day? Yup, I’m a writer!!! I’m obsessed with words.

Now that we see how much we want to write but how hard it is to stick to the right writing project, let’s go write. FICTION.

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