Can You Make Someone Fall in Love? by Emily Hill

I love this blog by Emily Hill – an honest admission that she is not a naturally quick reader, but that she works at it still as an adult and instills the love of reading in her children by making books a part of their everyday enjoyment. She teaches them that it’s okay not to like a book, that you just have to keep searching for the ones that you do like, and that the search is part of the fun. I used to gobble up books as a child but as an adult I got more and more picky and I barely read anything in my twenties. Then, I worked at it. I remembered how much I loved reading as a child, how comforting and fulfilling it had felt to me. And I wanted that again. Now I, too, rarely finish my book club’s book per month, but I do read the books that I like and I keep searching until I find the ones that do. And if some lay on my floor unfinished? Oh well! On to the next one. 🙂

Nerdy Book Club

georgia-readingLast week, I posted a picture of my three-year-old sitting in our dog’s bed reading a book. It was a precious little moment that I was lucky enough to capture. After I posted the picture, a friend and former colleague of mine suggested that I write about how I work to instill a love of reading in my children.

And it truly is something I “work” towards.

I am not a person to whom reading comes easily. Yes, I was a high school English teacher. Yes, I have a Masters degree in reading. Yes, this does sound crazy, but I am a struggling reader, and my passion for reading took a few decades to develop.

I grew up with parents who read and valued education. My mom is, and always has been, a voracious reader. I always had books in my house and saw her reading every night. Yet, I…

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