A New Kind of Book Club by Sarah FitzHenry

Okay. I know I keep stealing blogs from the Nerdy Book Club, but seriously, if you haven’t subscribed to their blog feed, do it! Such inspiring stories about librarians, teachers and authors finding innovative ways to promote book culture! This one is about a librarian who suffered from shyness as a child in her school book club, so she found a way to engage all types of learners in her library’s book club, and succeeded in spades! I just shared this post with Kwame Alexander on twitter and he said it made him all emotional ❤ I can’t wait to read his free verse novel called “Booked”!


Nerdy Book Club

Book clubs. As educators, we love them – but for student participants, they can be intimidating. Some students aren’t strong readers; others don’t like talking in front of groups; some readers, like me, can struggle to put their feelings about a text into words. As a child I loved to read. But during book discussions, I found myself lost and confused, feeling like an inconvenience to the group. While I often loved the book, I feared the inevitable discussion. I wanted to move and dance and celebrate the text in a way that felt special to me – instead, we sat around a table while I dreaded my turn to talk. I left most book discussions feeling discouraged and embarrassed; I couldn’t seem to express how much the books meant to me. When I became a school librarian, I knew that I wanted to create a new kind of book…

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