Top 10 Homes in Middle-Grade Fiction by Keir Graff

It’s true, a well-imagined setting can make a story pitch a tent in your heart forever. I’ve read many of these books in Graff’s top ten list of middle grade books with memorable home settings, and I can attest to the influence they have had on me as an author. Settings are sometimes my favourite bits to write. Enjoy!

Nerdy Book Club

Homes are important in kids’ books, probably because visiting other people’s houses awakens our first wonderings about how other people live—and, by inference, how we might live once we get to make decisions about such things. (Imagining others’ circumstances also has a lot to do with the development of empathy, too.) I’ve spent a lot of time lately talking about the real-life inspirations for my new middle-grade novel, The Matchstick Castle, which had its genesis in my notion of writing a story in which a house was a character. Strangely, it only recently occurred to me to think about the fictional houses that wormed their way into my imagination—or maybe it was the other way around. Please note that this is my top 10, not a claim to being THE top 10, and, with only a couple of exceptions, reflects my 1970s childhood and the titles that were widely read…

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