Message on International Women’s Day

I want to share this blog with you from the Orange Street News, written by a 12 year old girl, Hilde Kate Lysiak. You might have heard of her – the 9 year old who was repeatedly told to go home and play with dolls when she began her newspaper in her small town, USA. I’m glad to say she is still reporting! She is a bright light in this world. But still, she is often told to go play with dolls instead of being praised for being an intellectual, inquisitive human being. She has a great attitude about it, and gives me hope for the women of our future. She had this to say for International Women’s Day:

Orange Street News


By Hilde Kate Lysiak

When I first started the Orange Street News three years ago I never intended to be a role model to other girls. The truth is, I just wanted to be a reporter. All I cared about was getting the news to the people.

But it wasn’t long before I became a role model, whether I wanted to be or not. Every day I get messages from girls from all around the world who have heard about my work.

Many even say they are inspired by me. That is very flattering.

A lot of them first heard about the OSN after I was first to break the story on a murder in my hometown of Selinsgrove. After my reporting (which was much better than the competing newspaper who didn’t even get to the scene until more than two hours later) many people in my town were angry…

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