Quotes from Young Readers


It’s wonderful to read students’ impressions of The Stowaways, knowing that if they have connected to even one character or event or scene, it might give them the motivation to keep reading for a lifetime. What I wasn’t expecting was that so many parents would be glad to have a story just as engaging for them while they read it to their child. One father said his son asked him, “Daddy, why are you crying?” Children can often handle the sad bits better than us adults! Here are some of my favourite reactions from kids, parents and teachers over the years:

“I read the first two chapters of The Stowaways to my kids this morning. Incredible. Even the boys who are normally wrestling and putting bits of things down the heating vent sat unmoving and riveted!!!” Margot, teacher

“You have to write another one!”    Pippin, age 6

“Mommy….do we have time to read some more of that book?”   Joel, age 7

“You should have heard them laugh at the post office scene! They LOVED that Eekum was stamped on Rory’s belly and his ears turned inside out. I had to stop reading til they calmed down!”

“Every day they beg for The Stowaways!”

“My 8 year old son really enjoyed The Stowaways. Thank you for such a good book. On a 1 to 10 he said it was an 11!”    Sandra, parent

“I love how the story is so inspiring. Their adventures are so cool. It must be so hard being tiny and living in a world that’s so much bigger than you are. The writing has so many details that it’s easy to picture it all in my head when I read.”    Ava, age 9 

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